Air Alert 3 describes itself as the number one program to help improve your vertical jump. They may be right - based soley on number of programs sold. Air Alert has been around longer than most other programs. It was originally developed about 15 years ago. Combine that with a relatively low cost and Air Alert has a big head start on how many people have been exposed to it.

But having sold more copies does not make it a better program. The premise behind Air Alert is that by doing many, many repetition's of various jumps it will become second nature, or as they like to call it "habitual". While there is SOME truth to this premise, there is much more involved than this.

Air Alert 3 is not as "customizable" as some of the other programs. It is more of a "one size fits all" approach. There is just too much emphasis placed on all the repetitions. It is true that you can improve your vertical jump by practicing jumping, and this is probably why the program does produce the results it does (especially for new or out-of shape players). However, for best results in any single action, you need a variety of exercises. Over repeating exercises (like Air Alert 3) promotes eventually leads to poor form, loss of motivation and an increased chance of injury. This much jumping can be very stressful on joints and there have been many reports of knee damage from following the advice contained in this program.

Air Alert 3 - Final Analysis

Granted, Air Alert 3 is very professional package. It has an excellent DVD that comes with it as well as an easy to read and understand training manual. Based on looks, it may actually be one of the best available. It is a shame that the content is not of the same quality. You can make improvements by using this program. However, because of the many flaws that we feel it has, we cannot recommend it.

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