Best Vertical Jump Programs

#1.The Jump Manual

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Website: The Jump Manual
Quality of Materials: Excellent
After-Sales Support: Excellent
Guarantee: 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Price: $67

Our TOP PICK is The Jump Manual.  With this program, you will be taught the “total package” – you will learn how exercise, form, technique, and even diet affect your total “vertical explosion”. In fact, there are a total of nine different facets that you will be taught. It is the combination of all these facets together that give this program the astounding results that it produces. Most programs available attack one or two of these facets. Would you rather target one or two–or all nine? This may seem like a silly question, but it is a very important point! The Jump Manual is the only program to target every aspect of vertical jump explosion and quickness. Targeting each facet allows for the quickest possible results.  The cumulative effect of effectively training each aspect produces results fast – you will learn how to jump higher!

In fact, as a by-product of the different aspects of the training, not only will you improve your vertical jump, but your overall quickness and speed should improve as well. These are all “explosive” actions that the training from this program will have a profound impact on.

The Jump Manual is an 8-week program that can definitely take your vertical jumping to the next level. THINK HOW EXCITING IT WILL BE TO SEE YOUR VERTICAL JUMP INCREASING 1″ PER WEEK (OR MORE)!

As a bonus for purchasing The Jump Manual, you will also get 30 days of FREE one-on-one coaching with Jacob. Use it to ask him your personal questions, to get past your sticking points, or anything you need help with. This is at least a $250 value.


#2.Double Your Vertical Leap

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NO LONGER AVAILABLE! The owner has removed it from the market!

Website: The Vertical Project
Quality of Materials: Excellent
After-Sales Support: Good
Guarantee: 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Vertical Project comes in at number two – mainly because of the cost (discussed later). Developed by Luke Lowrey (a white man with a 41 inch vertical leap!). It is endorsed by recognized figures such as John Kim, the creator of Jumpsoles and Nike trainer Ganon Baker. Luke Lowery has trained many professional, olympic, and NCAA athletes. If you have not heard of Luke, it is because calls himself the “their dirty little secret” – they don’t want people to here about Luke.

The Vertical Project is the most comprehensive and complete jumping program ever developed. It is an advanced program and you will be expected to work hard for the gains you get. It is probably most suited for “good” athletes that are wanting to reach to next level – to be exceptional!  It is also recommended for those who are having trouble making any progress in increasing their vertical jump (maybe they have even tried other programs). The programs subtitle claims that you can “double your vertical leap”. While this is VERY unlikely unless your vertical jump is very low to start with, this program has proven to be the MOST effective one on the market – it WILL teach you how to jump higher (if you apply it).

As mentioned at the start, the downside with The Vertical Project is the price. If you can afford it (or at least are willing to make the 60 day commitment) GO FOR IT! The program comes with an AMAZING money-back +$100 guarantee – either you gain 6″ in 60 days or you get a total refund plus an extra $100 for your trouble. When have you ever seen a guarantee like that? If you are willing to work hard or you want/need to jump take your vertical jump to the next level (and jump higher), this is the program to get!



#3.Vertical Jump Development Bible

(Read our Full Review of the Vertical Jump Development Bible)

Website: Vertical Jump Development Bible
Quality of Materials: Excellent
After-Sales Support: Excellent
Guarantee: 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Price: $39.99

While we list the Vertical Jump Development Bible as our #3 pick, we also rate it a “best value”. It was developed by Kelly Baggett, one of the best known names in the arena of increasing your vertical jump. Kelly is 5 foot 9 inches and increased his own vertical jump from 23 inches to 42 inches by following these techniques. The program is easy to follow and is definitely worth the price!

As well as specific exercises, this training program will also cover the mental, physical, and psychological factors that all contribute to helping you jump higher.  As with any of these programs, it is important that you follow Kelly’s instructions – do things the way you are told to, when you are told to, for the length of time you are told to. If you do, you will learn how to jump higher and can expect to gain from 6 to 12 inches on your vertical leap (depending on where you started).

The Vertical Jump Development Bible comes with 3 bonuses and a 60 day money back guarantee.  For the price, it is hard to beat, and you definitely can’t go wrong!

Visit the official “Vertical Jump Development Bible” website